Leaving GMBN…

Guys, I’m over and out from the Global Mountain Bike Network. That’s right, I’m leaving BUT  it’s been one hell of a ride and I’ve loved what we’ve done. There’s a lot of reasons but if I rewind back through the last 16 months then I have loads of memories and many laughs.

Rather than being bummed let’s celebrate the good times. I’ve created over 400 videos, racked up an unbelievable 40 million video views and counting.  Wanna know the best part? Well they will always be there for you to watch again and learn from or laugh. Probably just don’t watch ‘How To Fit Your Helmet’ (my first ever video) because I mean… well I’ve never watched it since. Rather let’s check out a recent favourite, Enduro Bike vs Downhill Bike!

If I went back 10 years and told my English teacher I would be creating, scripting and presenting videos on a YouTube channel… She would have laughed. English was not in any way my strong point at school. I doubt Mrs Hutchison will be reading this but perhaps she will have watched a YouTube video or two?! What I can take from my time at GMBN is that I’ve made such a marked improvement as a presenter.

Hopefully you’ve taken something from some of the videos I’ve produced too. If you’ve gained some skills well I just hope you’ve mastered my ‘5 Essential Mountain Bike Skills.’ These ones really are essential, especially when you’re in the car park.

To finish it off I wanna say a big thank you to all of you. It has been awesome meeting everyone of you whether it was on the trails, at the events or simply through social media comments and messages. If I never got back to you, then my apologies and one extra high five is owed!

As to what’s next? Have I got a plan? Well… Not exactly but… ideas, there are a lot of things I want to do, more bikes and travelling are at the top of my list.

See you all on the trails or the internet soon, keep on riding and let the good times roll!


18 thoughts on “Leaving GMBN…

  1. Will continue to watch your videos and thank you for all your help and guidance. Best of luck in whatever you move on to.


  2. Scotty, such a shame to see you go but please please please don’t stop doing videos…. maybe you can start you own channel? How about a Vlogging series where you show more of your life and biking behind the scenes?

    Don’t waste the opportunity to act on it now since you have a great audience here at your disposal and people willing to support you on your next endeavor. Just my 2 cents brother, love you


  3. Oussama Hadded May 13, 2017 — 5:20 pm

    I really gonna miss ya. I was shocked when I saw ur Instagram post, saying u’r gonna leave. Can believe it, but hope u made the right decision and really HOPE you THE BEST!! Cheers!!!


  4. Still a bummer you’re are leaving, best of luck for the future.


  5. Scotty I cannot thank you enough. You and the other guys are the reason I’ve dedicated most of my time these last months into Mountain Biking. I respect your decision and I want to wish you the best I can. If you plan on visiting Greece hit me up so I can get you a place to stay and bike to ride. Thanks Scotty. We’ll miss you.


  6. Thanks for the memories dude!!
    Best of luck & enjoy the new adventures 😃


  7. Apart from learning about all kinds of MTB skills I’ll never be able to master, my ability to understand a guy from Scotland speaking in his native tongue improved a lot. Besides you seemed to be just a nice guy Scotty! All the best, cheers. Peter


  8. Good Luck!


  9. Good on you mate I have enjoyed watching you on GMBN, good luck


  10. Max Gutzwiller May 13, 2017 — 11:53 pm

    Hey Scotty its still not clear what Enduro is 😛


  11. Cheers Scotty I look forward to you coming to Tasmania. Garry Strahan crancker yeti sb6


  12. Good luck Scotty ..I think the channel is successful because of the realism and it worked well a great chapter for you young un


  13. Thanks Scottie from Madrid and good Luck. See you in the tracks.


  14. Scotty just want to say You are missed.


  15. Why do you have to leave… 😦


  16. Why are you leaving?


  17. Danilo Nascimento June 23, 2017 — 8:20 pm

    Hey Scotty! I’ve learnt so much from you on GMBN Videos! When I realise you were gone, I got sad.. But thats life!


  18. Hi, did you play in the baby driver? 😀 thank you for the gmbn videos, i really enjoy them.


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