Tweedlove’s Multi Media Night

Talking to an audience is different, 200 people staring down at you, real life, watching your every move and listening to what you have to say is certainly different. I’m now used to talking to a camera but at the Tweedlove Multi Media Night there were 200 in attendance.  

19047868_10209394543201395_964634541_n 2.jpg

When I was invited to talk, Fiona from Tweedlove suggested Social Media, my experience with it, how it’s got me to where I am today and how it’s shaped a career away from the race track. I introduced briefly by explaining who I was, where I was from and what I had done so far. Touching on University, life as a Pro on the CUBE Action Team and most recently presenting to the world of YouTube.  

19072915_10209394652444126_1292372846_o 2.jpg

I’m going to condense what I spoke about that evening with a couple of useful tips, I’ve learnt along my journey. Recently almost every opportunity has come from successful posts to social media (Facebook and Instagram). My first tip is to keep your posting positive, which at times can be harder than it seems.

Now I’m no expert, I enjoy social media, as a consumer and creator I’ve discovered to stand out from the crowd you have to be different, have something new and be relatable to the following you have built. Here are my favourite tips when it comes to creating a successful post:

  • Keep it specific, people follow you because they want to know about you and what you are doing.
  • Tell a story, either through the photo or with some short text, try and make it relatable so people can understand why you are doing what you are.
  • Picture quality, it’s in focus, it’s the right angle and it shows exactly what you are doing.
  • Mountain Biking takes us to some of the best destination in the world, show that off with an incredible backdrop.
  • Colour composition, think about the edit, pulling colours out of it so people might just stop in their feed to double tap their screen and give you a like.

Creating content and building a following is about authenticity, regular posting, being spontaneous and remembering that creativity is subjective, not everyone is going to love you’re every post.  

Thanks to everyone who came out at the Tweedlove evening, hopefully I’ll get to talk again next year but with even more stories!

See you on the trails,


Pics: Ian Linton Photo

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