Joining the GoPro Family in Leogang

On one of my regular hourly Instagram checks the little red arrow had lit up and it was a new DM, from GoPro. Slightly excited I opened, uncertain what it would read, they complimented my feed and wanted to talk about joining the GoPro Family – I was stoked.

The GoPro Family is a group of creatives from Athletes to Adventurers all who share the love for creating content, exploring the world and sharing it digitally. It was awesome to have the opportunity to join them and the first trip as part of the family was to watch the Leogang Downhill World Cup.

On this trip there were 5 of us, Guzman – GoPro’s Social Media, he was responsible for coordinating the trip and 3 other family members were Markus, James and Jordi. We all flew into Munich and met for the first time, a 3 hour drive through the mountains and we arrived at the Hotel Puradis in Leogang. We got straight into product education and plans for the weekend. I was going to get to play with the new Karma grip, something I was excited about using. I had seen people already using but never had I. I was excited as I know it would transform chesty ‘point of view’ footage making it look super smooth and crisp.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg
Markus, James and I on the Red Bull VIP Rooftop

I got my ‘welcome pack’ for joining the GoPro Family – A Hero 5, a load of mounts, grips, SD Card and the Seeker Backpack, stoked I put everything on charge headed for dinner, knocked back a few beers and got to know the crew who would be there over the weekend, including the 3 promoters working on GoPro’s stand, there was 8 of us in total.

Saturday was an activity day, we hired Downhill Bikes and rode in the Leogang bikepark. We warmed up to get used to the new bikes by riding Hot Shots, a fast and flowy jump line trail that was a lot of fun to ride, featuring mainly tabletops and big wide berms meant anyone with a small amount of bike handling could in theory ride it.

Using the morning as an opportunity to dial in all my GoPro’s settings with expert help on hand we stopped for a Cappuccino and of course an Apple Strudel. I checked back on some of the footage I had got already using the Karma, it was looking sick and silky smooth. Finishing the cappuccino and enjoying the view, a few more settings were adjusted, I tweaked my angles of the camera and we had everything dialled ready to head for some more runs.  

Karma Grip, Hero 5 and Extension Cable setup for the Chesty.

In the Afternoon it was time to ride Hangman, a more technically demanding trail, natural jumps, roots and the odd bit of North Shore to keep you on your toes. After just a few laps on this and I had some incredible shots on the GoPro, the Karma Grip with its Extension Cable was making the footage look SICK. We were also lucky that it was 35 degrees, bright sunshine and bluebird skies giving you unbeatable views as a backdrop to the video footage we were collecting. 

10 runs in and all of our hands were starting to feel it, a quick change, upload and backing up of our footage, it was time to check out the downhill qualifying. My money was on Aaron Gwin for the weekend, his dominance in the past at Leogang really made him an obvious choice. He took the qualifying win and I hedged bets for him to do the same on Sunday’s final.

That night we headed into the Austrian Mountains to where we were treated to dinner, it was typical Austrian food, your own grill selection of beef, pork and chicken served with baked potatoes, salad and dipping sauces. To say it was awesome was an understatement. Washing it down with locally brewed beers and red wine, we were ready for the underground rave.

Breakfast with a view at Hotel Puradies.

Waking up on Sunday morning was one of the more difficult challenges of the weekend after just 4 hours sleep it was time for one last breakfast looking onto the mountains. It was a blistering hot day of 40 degrees out, the track was bone dry and running super fast – it was going to make for great racing. Gwinny took the win and I headed to the airport with new friends, great memories and 40GB of footage to look through.

Apres event we were each tasked with editing and summarising our trip into a 1 minute Instagram edit, here’s my edit:

I’d love to know what you think my mini edit, I’m stoked on it…

For anyone who is wondering here are my GoPro Hero 5 Settings:

Resolution: 1080p
FPS: 50
Feild of View: Wide
Protune: ON – Colour, GoPro – WB, Auto – ISO, 800

Thanks to GoPro for such a sick trip… Keep shredding and I’ll see you on the trails!



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