The Tour de France GoPro style…

Now I’m no roadie, I’m an avid mountain biker, the thrill of being in the middle of nowhere surrounded only by vast mountains and endless singletrack gets me going every time. However, when an opportunity of travelling to the Tour de France presented itself, I couldn’t say no, it was somewhere on my bucket list to see the Tour in person one day. This trip wasn’t just seeing the Tour however it was riding the final 35km of day 19,  being a VIP and then a activity ‘exploring’ Marseille’s coastline.

Getting there my travel plan didn’t exactly go to plan, considering Marseille isn’t all that far away it took me 16 hours door to door, checking into 6 flights and taking just 3 of them, all part of the story right?!

Arriving in Marseille it was a relief to get off the plane and be welcomed to a warmer climate. Quite pitstop for some dinner, drinks and it was bed time. Awaking the next morning a little hazy, I devoured a large French breakfast of cheese and croissants fuelling myself for a fun 35km pedal. The part of the stage we’d ride would finish in Salon-de-Provence, a undulating and relatively flat 35km meant the ride could be sociable and allowed for each member of the GoPro family to mix and share stories of their recent travels, grab a few bangers and talk over life. 

FullSizeRender 3

To maximise the variety of shots we could get we mounted GoPro’s Hero 5 on our bodies and bikes using sticky’s, bar mounts, helmet mounts and jaw clamps.

Apres ride there was time to refresh, jump in the pool, shower and head on over to watch the pro’s cross the finish line. Of course though we were VIP’s and with our passes they allowed us into the VIP area, large trucks were converted into grandstand spectator spots gave you perhaps the best views of the tour there was also an area out front that was closed off meaning we could be right on the front line as the riders came past.


Once the riders rushed through the finish line, we departed the tour making our way back to Marseille for dinner and cocktails. The following day was to be spent exploring the coast of Marseille, I had somewhat assumed that we would be just chilling on the beach but GoPro don’t do anything by halves and instead we were going by boat. We headed out to the ocean, exploring the best way possible way. Dropping the anchor in a private it was time for some activities. Floaties, snorkelling and jumping off the front of the boat were all going down.


A quick turn around and my 48 hours in Marseille was over, time to get back on the plane and head home to Scotland! That was another sick trip in the books, meeting others who love travel and adventurers is great for continued inspiration.  

HUGE shoutout to GoPro for being rad and inviting me into the family!

Next up it’s time to ride some more Alpine descents…


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